Using an Online Calendar Service

English: ScheduleWhen our company started to use an online calendar service with agenda-like capabilities, we were all like kids in a candy store. Prior to using it, we had quite a few missed meetings as well as double-booked conference rooms. The typical way for us to schedule meetings was either over the phone or email. Sometimes messages didn’t get properly delivered since phone messages were often taken on sticky notes and email messages sometimes ended up in the spam folder. Other times, someone may have forgotten to mark a conference room as taken, so we would have to hurry and find a place for the second meeting group when this happened.

Our boss had enough one day and decided to get organized in a very modern way. The calendar service that we now use means our calendar management and calendar scheduling is automated. Since we are able to access other’s calendars, it is easy for managers to update meetings on specific calendars. Since implementing this, we have not had any conference rooms double-booked. Even better, we have had better attendance at meetings.

It is nice to have everything in one area that can be accessed in a number of ways. I am able to have personal information in there as far as contact information, birthdays, personal appointments, to do lists and so much more as well as my business needs. I can schedule meetings with others, make a shopping list, check an invoice, sync the calendar, and share all of this with as many people as I want. I am even able to customize it on my end as far as text, colors and background are concerned.

Since using this online calendar service, I have become more organized in both my business life as well as my personal life. I was always worried about combining the two before since there were so many work organizational issues, but it is a piece of cake now to combine every area of my life into one calendar now.