Shopping for Horse Riding Clothes

I needed to find a competition jacket for my daughter, and a few of her friends told me to go to the Junior Equine website. Not only do they have a lot of different styles, sizes and colors, but their prices are also the best in the industry. The first part sounded good to my daughter, and the last part sounded really good to me. I decided to not put off looking for her competition horse riding clothes any longer, so I did a search for the shop that they told me about.

I was really pleased with everything that I saw on the site, including the fact that it was not just about clothing. There is footwear as well as accessories there, and everything is really stylish and affordable. I was able to find several riding jackets, and she picked out the one that she wanted. She thought that was all she was getting, but I had a few tricks up my sleeve for her. She never asks for much, and I wanted to make her feel really special when she opened up the box containing her riding jacket.

It did not take long to ship to us, and she was so excited. She tore into the box, thinking it was just going to be the jacket. She had no idea that I had ordered a few other things for her too. The first is a silk scarf that I knew she would love, and there were also five pairs of riding socks. There was a hat that I knew she would look adorable in, and finally, a tee shirt that was just too cute to pass up. The total for everything was not bad at all, and I know that I will be shopping there for her for a while now that we have found it!