She is Confident About Physics Again

It is not normal for my daughter to struggle in any class. She has always excelled in any subject that she has studied, so I was just as surprised as she was when she brought home a less than stellar grade in her physics class. We discussed it, and she admitted that she did not understand everything in the class, but she thought that she knew enough to still maintain an A in it. We knew that was not the case after that, which is why I went to at the recommendation of her physics teacher.

Her teacher explained that my daughter showed extreme promise, but she was having trouble with some aspects of the coursework. She told me that the tutor she was recommending has had amazing results with students who were not performing as well as my daughter was, so that gave me the encouragement I needed to go to the website of the tutor and learn more. I was impressed with everything that I saw, and I showed it to my daughter to see if she had the same level of comfort that I had with it.

She liked that the lessons were going to be intense and in a group setting. I admit that I liked that aspect of it myself. One on one instruction has its own merits, but my daughter was not struggling at that level. We both wanted her to have the experience of the group setting. That way, she would be able to interact with the other students. It helps that the class sizes are small, so it is not overwhelming at all. Once she started those classes, she started to excel in her physics coursework at school too. She is no longer worried about not getting an A on any of the physics examinations!