Moving to This Apartment Was a Blessing

When my landlord told me that he was not going to renew my lease, I was actually heartbroken. I had lived in the same house for nearly three years, and I was very good friends with three of my neighbors. I knew that there were no other houses for rent in that immediate area, and I had no idea what I was going to do. It didn’t take me long to know that I had to start looking at apartments for rent in Stockbridge, even though my heart was not in it. If I didn’t start looking though, I was not going to have anywhere to call my home.

One of the first complexes I looked at was one that was only a couple of miles from where I had lived. I knew that my friendships were too important to not try and stay in the same area, so it just made sense to start with the closest one. I am really glad that I did too, because my getting booted out turned out to be a huge blessing. The apartments were actually a lot nicer than the house I had been living in, and the rent was slightly lower too.

In addition to those two perks, there was a pool, which is something I had always wanted. It did not take me long to get moved in because I didn’t have a lot of furniture. One day, I was moving in and the next day, I was lounging by the pool. The reason why I say this was a blessing is because there was this cute guy by the pool too. We started talking, and a few months later, he proposed to me. My old neighbors have all agreed to be my bridesmaids, and I cannot wait until we say our vows so we can give up our one bedroom apartments and move into a bigger one in the same complex!