Using an Online Calendar Service

English: ScheduleWhen our company started to use an online calendar service with agenda-like capabilities, we were all like kids in a candy store. Prior to using it, we had quite a few missed meetings as well as double-booked conference rooms. The typical way for us to schedule meetings was either over the phone or email. Sometimes messages didn’t get properly delivered since phone messages were often taken on sticky notes and email messages sometimes ended up in the spam folder. Other times, someone may have forgotten to mark a conference room as taken, so we would have to hurry and find a place for the second meeting group when this happened.

Our boss had enough one day and decided to get organized in a very modern way. Continue reading Using an Online Calendar Service

How an Online Reminder Service is Helpful

The Eighth Canadian Summer School on Quantum Information - ScheduleA lot of people experience difficulty when it comes to adhering to a schedule. It often seems like the more we have to do, the more challenging it is to organize tasks and keep appointments. Most of the time, we can have a calendar to help us keep track of events and meetings but unless we can take that calendar with us regularly, it may not be completely helpful.

There are various portable calendar and schedule tools available on the market to help people get their lives organized and those are great solutions. However, an alternative is an online calendar service that allows for the managing of a fully fleshed out agenda as well. This functionality represents an evolution in scheduling and time management.

With a few points and clicks, you can set up your online calendar and keep it functioning in real time, with access to it from anywhere on the globe with Internet service. This eliminates the need to keep track of a portable standalone device that must often be synchronized with a host computer to keep the schedule current. Continue reading How an Online Reminder Service is Helpful